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UsaMadePoolTables is licensed and insured and offers complete professional pool table services including:

Pool Table Assembly:
UsaMadePoolTables.com will go to your home or business, assemble and level your new or
used pool table, with precision, for optimum play.

Pool Table Recovering:
Using premium grade, 22oz. Cloth in a variety of colors, UsaMadePoolTables.com will
remove the old felt, and professionally re-felt the rails and/or the playing
surface of your pool table in your choice of cloth color. A complete table check
and re-level is also performed. Simonis and spill
proof(deluxe/upgrade) cloth is also available for an additional charge.

Pool Table Moving:
Don't risk moving your pool table yourself and damaging the slate. UsaMadePoolTables.com will perform a complete table inspection while dismantling your pool
, move it from one room to another or from one location/city to another,
then reassemble and re-level it!

Pool Table Repairs:
UsaMadePoolTables.com will service your pool table at your location.

Pocket Replacement:
UsaMadePoolTables.com will repair or replace your old pockets with new ones, with
standard or many custom styles to choose from.

Cushion (bumper) Replacement:
 UsaMadePoolTables.com will strip the old rubber from table rails and replace with new
rubber and felt for better action and table play.

Pool Table Disassembly and/or Crating:
UsaMadePoolTables.com will dismantle your pool table with expertise. Bumpers, side rails
and slate are removed; felt is inspected and removed carefully for reuse.
Parts are then bagged/wrapped, and pieces are marked for reassembly. If
table needs to be shipped,  will build and pack slate into
individual crates for safer transport.

Releveling Pool Table:
UsaMadePoolTables.com will reset slate of pool tables that have shifted out of level.

Need a quote? Please provide size, make/model or style of pool table and felt
If you have any questions or need additional info don't hesitate to contact us.