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Shuffleboard Tables

We offer a wide variety of Modern Shuffleboard Tables, Custom Shuffleboard Tables 100% American made. If you need a modern shuffleboard table for you game room or ingenious solution we can help . Whether you are looking for modern pool tables, ping pong tables, shuffleboard tables, poker tables or anything game table in between you are sure to find it here.

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  • Shuffleboard Tables Aspen Oak

    Hermosa Shuffleboard Table

    9', 12', 14', and 16'ft

    Regular Price: $16,995.00

    Special Price $14,995.00

  • Benchwright  Shuffleboard

    Benchwright Shuffleboard

    Benchwright with its steel turnbuckle, solid oak angled legs, and finger-jointed rails, Isaac makes for a stunner of a shuffleboard. Grey tones wash over solid oak, creating a truly unique finish.

    Regular Price: $6,500.00

    Special Price $4,200.00

  • Paradise  Shuffleboard

    Paradise Shuffleboard

    Paradise stands proudly on a generously proportioned solid oak trestle base. Swathed in an antique silver finish, this table is elegantly unique.

    Regular Price: $6,900.00

    Special Price $5,900.00

  • Penthouse  Shuffleboard

    Penthouse Shuffleboard

    Penthouse Shuffleboard owes its roots to a game played way back in the fifteenth century . Perched upon a heavy arching base with a rustic old world frame and rails, a perfect match for any castle.

    Regular Price: $5,000.00

    Special Price $3,100.00

  • Park Falls Shuffleboard

    Park Falls Shuffleboard

    Available in 12' and 14' size

    Regular Price: $5,500.00

    Special Price $4,500.00

  • Benchwright Shuffleboard Table

    Benchwright Shuffleboard Table

    Available in 14' Size

    Regular Price: $7,500.00

    Special Price $6,500.00


    Shuffleboard Table Black

    Includes all accessories (sand and pucks)

    Regular Price: $1,690.00

    Special Price $1,495.00

Items 1 to 16 of 27 total

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