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We offer a wide variety of game tables furniture in different styles. If you need game tables furniture for your game room or ingenious solution, we can help. Whether you are looking for anything in between, you are sure to find it here.

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  • Shuffleboard Tables Aspen Oak

    Hermosa Shuffleboard Table

    9', 12', 14', and 16'ft

    Regular Price: $16,995.00

    Special Price $14,995.00

  • Benchwright  Shuffleboard

    Benchwright Shuffleboard

    Benchwright with its steel turnbuckle, solid oak angled legs, and finger-jointed rails, Isaac makes for a stunner of a shuffleboard. Grey tones wash over solid oak, creating a truly unique finish.

    Regular Price: $6,500.00

    Special Price $4,200.00

  • Paradise  Shuffleboard

    Paradise Shuffleboard

    Paradise stands proudly on a generously proportioned solid oak trestle base. Swathed in an antique silver finish, this table is elegantly unique.

    Regular Price: $6,900.00

    Special Price $5,900.00

  • Penthouse  Shuffleboard

    Penthouse Shuffleboard

    Penthouse Shuffleboard owes its roots to a game played way back in the fifteenth century . Perched upon a heavy arching base with a rustic old world frame and rails, a perfect match for any castle.

    Regular Price: $5,000.00

    Special Price $3,100.00

  • Park Falls Shuffleboard

    Park Falls Shuffleboard

    Available in 12' and 14' size

    Regular Price: $5,500.00

    Special Price $4,500.00

  • Benchwright Shuffleboard Table

    Benchwright Shuffleboard Table

    Available in 14' Size

    Regular Price: $7,500.00

    Special Price $6,500.00

27 Item(s)

per page

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