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Pool Table Care - The Cabinet

You have made an important investment that will provide you, your family and
friends with years of pleasure. Taking care of your investment is important and
requires very little time on your part. Wood finishes require periodical dusting. It
is best to use a non-residue dusting agent, such as a lemon oil. Never use glass
cleaner or any other ammonia type product. Avoid extremes in humidity. It may
be necessary to use a humidifier or a dehumidifier to prevent wood from warping
or cracking over time. Always use care to avoid spilling drinks or other liquids on
the table. If a spill does occur, wipe it up as quickly as possible.


Pool Table Care - The Felt

Your table is covered with a high quality cloth. Until a new cloth is broken in, it
can effect the roll of the ball. Proper brushing of the table directly affects the
playing quality. Always begin brushing your table from the head (nameplate)
end. Brush in straight strokes to the other end or foot of the table. Do not use a
circular or scrubbing motion and always remember to brush the area under the
cushion overhang. Occasional vacuuming with a low suction hand vac will
remove dust that has filtered through the cloth. It is normal for some “pilling” to
occur on the cloth during the first month. To protect your cloth, always cover the
table when not in use. This helps to keep your table free of dust and prevents
premature fading of the cloth color.


Pool Table Care - Tracking

Tracking is a fairly common occurrence and relates to the movement of the balls
on your table. If you notice the balls drifting off as the motion of the ball slows
down, you are probably experiencing tracking. This does not mean your table is
not level. During tracking the ball can roll off in different directions. If the balls
always roll to one side, then the table is off level.


Pool Table Care - Leather Pockets

To keep your leather pockets looking good you should clean them once a year
with saddle soap or a leather cleaner and dressing. It does not hurt your pockets
to store the balls in them. It actually helps to keep the leather supple.


Pool Table Care - Billiard Balls

Periodically your billiard balls should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth to maintain
their luster. If the balls appear dirty or dull looking, you may clean them with a
good quality billiard ball cleaner . Do not use a buffing wheel to polish the balls
as this can result in out-of-round balls that will not roll true.


Pool Table Care - Pool Cues

A properly shaped tip on your cue can help prolong the life of your cloth. The tip
should be shaped and rounded into a shape similar to a nickel. An unshaped
cue can cause you to miscue and nick the cloth.


Pool Table Care - Billiard Chalk

Pool players agree that using chalk is important. Properly used, it prevents
miscues and aids in putting English on the ball. However chalk will leave stains
and streak marks on your cloth even after first game. Using chalk in color of your
table cloth may significantly lessen appearance of the marks.


Pool Table Care - Bed Spot

Continuous ball spotting can cause premature wear at the spotting points.
Periodically examine the spots and re-glue loose spots and replace missing or
worn spots. When replacing a spot be sure to brush the spot area thoroughly.
Moisten the gummed side of the new spot with a finger that has been dipped in
water. Do not get the spot too wet or it will not adhere to the cloth. After
positioning the spot, roll it down with a billiard ball for firm adherence.


Pool Table Care - Pool Table Lighting

Proper lighting of the playing area is essential. Light should be sufficient to
eliminate shadows on the playing surface. A general rule of thumb is the light
should be hung so the bottom of the fixture is at eye level.


Pool Table Care - Cover Consideration

As we already mentioned above by using a pool table cover your pool table care
will significantly improve. This is particularly true if your table is exposed to
sunlight. We will gladly help you select pool table cover that best matches your
game room.


Pool Table Care - Moving Your Table

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE TABLE. Your table has been professionally
installed in a precise position. The table is not just a heavy piece of furniture.
Attempts to move the table can harm the slate, aprons and rails and WILL VOID
THE WARRANTY. We encourage you to call UsaMadePoolTables.com for professional help if
you want the table moved within the room, to another room, or to another